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Multitudes of databases are used for different purposes and in many different fields. The most popular among our databases articles are those that describe the functional requirements for bibliographical records like ALA cataloging rules and the international meeting of cataloguing experts. There are also very informative articles about lawyer databases, people search sites, and how to find the best one. You can also read information on how to access data using Oracle from non-Oracle databases.

MRO Data Enrichment for Enriching your Business

Welcome to the world where everything is based on data, from a student’s future prospect to the growth of any enterprise, all of these are determined with the help of available data from the past. Data is one such thing that makes decision-making easier and if the given data is …

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An Introduction to Titan Database and Its Many Advantages

Titan is a prominent open source distributed graph database which is built on top of the Cassandra. This unique database is well capable of powering real-time applications across thousands of concurrent users with graphs under billions of edges and other supported sources. In such a diverse market, graphs have now …

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Understanding Embedded Database Solutions for Various Businesses

The line of business applications available today are indeed the life blood of a plethora of small and medium sized businesses. Most of the applications are bought by businesses to solve some specific tactical problems while others often become an intrinsic part of the business operations. Not all organizations have …

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Make The Difference In Your Business With Mongo DB

Mongo DB, one of the NoSQL products, is a cross-platform document-oriented database. It is free and open-source software, embraced as back-end programming for various websites and services. It is the most balanced data base for enterprise applications and performance. A few of its features’ in congruence to a developer or …

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Latest Trends in Big Data Changing the Facet of Businesses

Big data is steady and certainly changing the way companies do business today. Companies by now have clearly understood that big data is not just a buzzword, but actually a new fact of business life. This is much required to manage large volumes of both structured and unstructured data which …

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How Microsoft working with local and international corporation

The experiences of the last century have forced users to adopt scalable and protractile technology, moving ahead with latest technology, technology that help to bring the world in new innovation and changing the method in business environment, helping large and small business to grow their potential to attract online users …

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The Elements of Analytical Model for Businesses

Business organizations have been investing heavily in big data and relationship analytics tools to comprehend their customers and competitors in deeper ways. Reporting infrastructure, dashboards, advanced visualizations and other enterprise technologies are helping business managers envisage and use their data efficiently for making smarter decisions. The importance of analytics is …

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Advancement in Data Discovery and Data Classification

Defining the data in the best possible manner is the foundation for data security and controlling data discovery. The classification of data remains the prime aspect of data control framework, which is responsible for breaking data protection into three different segments namely – Defining Data, Dissecting and Analyzing Data and …

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