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Manage events efficiently using customised event management software

Software3All types of events like business conferences, concerts, and sporting events are nowadays advertised online using event websites. Many event management applications of different brands and companies are available in the market. But the choice of the best software remained elusive until Kolkata based software development company Scriptgiant Technologies Pvt. Ltd. developed its own event management software.

The interesting feature of this application lies in its being unique. Despite having an abundance of features and properties, it is cheap and affordable. Likewise, many other factors contribute to the fact that this software is the most popular product in the market. However, it has been observed that the company regularly updates the software to include additional features and properties.

The Php based software provides readymade templates that can be used to create event website portals. Online availability and easy usability ensures that the application is downloaded and used. It is plug & play and therefore is used almost instantly post installation. The product upon installation aids in establishing the event management website that promotes, advertises different types of events. The software is SEO friendly, bug free and can be customised on requirement.

Besides, it has an attractive user interface and a flexible admin panel from where the entire website can be controlled effectively. The product is cheap, affordable and owing to the presence of an array of features need to be customised before use. Customising after purchase to include additional features and properties in the product often requires the user to pay extra costs. The product is easy to use and does not demand the workforce to be computer savvy. Even non-professionals can use this software with ease and convenience.

This application aids buyers to market his events online, reach his potential customers, and attract them to invest time and resources by attending the events. There are numerous advantages of the application. The most important being the fact that it is handy, affordable, bug-less, have plug & play features, can be easily installed, has a customised admin panel.

The event management software has the following features. It has the index page containing menu bar options like home, store locator, events, contact us section and user account section. Out of these, the contacts us section contain text with images. Then there is the store locator that contains banner slider containing images, a select city drop down. In the events, section there is the event name, event descriptor, event logo & sponsor logo.

There is also a section under events that specifies event conducted by, venue name, event start date and time, event end date and time, number of tickets available, price of the ticket, prize details etc. The product because of the presence of so many features is very much in demand globally among users interested in event management businesses.

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