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An Introduction to Titan Database and Its Many Advantages

Titan is a prominent open source distributed graph database which is built on top of the Cassandra. This unique database is well capable of powering real-time applications across thousands of concurrent users with graphs under billions of edges and other supported sources. In such a diverse market, graphs have now become a versatile data model for capturing and analyzing rich relational structures. This not only helps the end users by offering them utmost ease, but even helps the designers in making much simpler applications.

Another great reason that graphs are gaining immense popularity among the masses is that the graphs are an easy way to represent data in a wide range of domains. The wide assortment of domains it serves includes recommendation engines, representation, health care, social networking, advertisement, security, optimization, knowledge and education.

Some General Benefits of Titan Database

* Titan is well capable of supporting very large graphs as its graphs scale with the total number of machines present in the active cluster.
* This database is perfect for geo, full text, and numeric range search for different vertices and edges on very large graph models.
* Titan database can serve as a great platform for numerous concurrent transactions. The transactional capacity of this database is directly related with the number of machines in the cluster model.
* A wide assortment of graph-level configurations helps in providing knobs for tuning performance of various applications.
* A great advantage of Titan database is that it allows easy integration with the graphs like Rexster in order to programme language agnostic connectivity.
* Titan database along with Vertex-centric indices offers vertex-level querying for relief from issues related with super node problem.
* Such a database is an excellent open source under the liberal Apache 2 license.
* It even provides an optimized disk representation that allows efficient use of storage and speed of accessing the system.
* Titan database is a great source of native support for the popular property graph data model exposed by Blueprints and graph traversal language Gremlin all together.

Getting Started with Titan Database

Titan was recently introduced in the market and within 1 year of its launch it has become immensely popular among various businesses. There are many real time database management service providers available in the market who allows clients to gain access to Titan graph database. People can even download or unzip and you can get started easily with-in few easy steps. Titan comes with a user manual through which clients can just jump right in and start cranking away at the database.

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Titan database services offered by Objectivity aim at boosting the work performance of various businesses and help them excel in their field. The offered graph database is one of the most important developments of the recent times.


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