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Exploring the Real Importance of Object Oriented Database Management System

In today’s fast moving world, Client-Server applications are quite common, which are completely depended upon a giant database on the server and acts as a data-store. These applications take service requests from different clients and thus have multiple users. Most of these applications use an object oriented database management system (OODBMS) as the data-store. This helps in creating work efficiency as objects must be mapped to Tuples in the database and vice versa.

However, many times people choose the opposite procedure, i.e. mapping objects to tables and vice versa which has for long been accepted as a performance penalty. This makes it highly important for the people to explore and understand the real objective of object oriented database management system in their business operations.

An Overview

An Object Oriented Database Management System in simple words is the final result of putting together object oriented programming principles with the database management principles. This system also aims at incorporating the object data model to redefine data structures on which database operations can be performed effectively and efficiently. CRUD is a very excellent example of such a database operation which is used in most OODBMSs. The key functionality of OODBMS is storing the objects rather than the data that includes strings and integers.

Object oriented programming concepts such as polymorphism, encapsulation and inheritance are even combined with database management concepts such as the ACID properties (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) to ensure excellent system integrity. The OODBMS further extends the object programming language to concurrency control, data recovery, associative queries, and many other database capabilities.

Advantages of Object Oriented Database Management System

Below is a list giving the brief details about the popular advantages of using OODMS in the business operations.

Extensibility: The most important advantage of object orientation is its ability to bring out the common properties of different classes and combine them to build a new super class which can be shared with subclasses. OODBMS further gives access to new data types to be formed or extracted from the existing types.

Elimination of Impedance Mismatch: An OODBMS is highly efficient in eliminating the numerous inefficiencies that occur in mapping a declarative language like that of SQL to an important ‘language such as ‘C’. Most OODBMSs even boast a DML which is computationally compared with SQL, the ‘standard language of RDBMSs.

One Data Model: The object oriented database management system’s entities, constraints and operations are well capable of changing the states of the data in the system. Moreover, there is no catch between the application model and the database model as all the entities are just other objects in the system. The entire application can be modeled in a single UML diagram.

Reduced Maintenance: The primary objective of object oriented development is the assurance to the clients that their system will enjoy a longer life while having the least maintenance cost. This is made possible with the various processes encapsulated within the system. The behaviors of all these processes can be reused and incorporated into new behaviors whenever needed.

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