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Deer Hunter Reloaded Review – The Appealing HUnting Simulation Game

If you’re a hunting lover or seeking the hunting simulation game, then the Deer Hunter Reloaded for Android and iOS may be worth checking out. The game will basically give the addicting first-person shooting game play combined with the pretty good visual graphic. Listed here are the gameplay overview, functions, and minimum system requirements of Deer Hunter Reloaded as the guide before selecting to obtain and install this app.

The gameplay of Deer Hunter Reloaded will allow the user to hunt in the forests as well as the desert to kill lions, deer, bears, jaguars, leopards and even ducks. You are able to use the shotgun, sniper and also the falcon weapons in an effort to kill these animals. If you kill any target, you are going to get the experience point as well as cash which can be used to purchase a new weapon and also hunting gears. Be sure to make a headshot as much as you can as an effort to get a bigger score.

You will find out that the controls for the game are really simple and responsive as well. To aim your gun, you only need to swipe the touch-screen and the fire key is situated on the right side of the display. In order to get a great look at your targets, you have got to use the zoom button that is positioned on the left side of the display. You can also use the X-RAY mode in an effort to shoot the organs of the target. There will be also the Stampede Mode that will enable the user to contest with buddies in order to be the top scorer on the leader boards.

The graphical look of Deer Hunter Reloaded is obviously not the finest that you can get from a mobile game, but you will be excited by the fine details of environments along with the realistic background sounds and good animation of the animal’s motions and reactions.

Hence, if you decide to obtain and install this game, you can just navigate to the Play Market. This game will need at least Android OS 2.1 (Eclair) and it’ll take around 273 MB of the storage space. For the iOS-based products, the game is also available on App Store. This application is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd and 4th generations) and all models of iPads assuming that it runs on iOS 4.1 or above.

Overall, the Deer Hunter Reloaded game is really suitable for the hunting-based game lover mainly because it does not provide the first-rate graphical appearance but it somehow offers the fairly realistic hunting adventure. However, the game comes with one rather frustrating element that is the energy feature. While you are playing this game, you will discover that the energy bar will automatically be exhausted. And sadly, when the energy runs out you will not have the ability to carry on your hunting. In order to continue the game, you will need to stop and shut down the application first and after that wait for the energy bar to refill by itself.

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