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HP LaserJet P1005: A Small Printer with Great Performance

HP laser printers always stand by your side whenever you need them. They are not only quite reliable, but also provide good quality prints at economical rate. HP LaserJet P1005 is among the assortment of HP laser printers, and it has gained wide popularity owing to its various features. It can print monochromatic documents and photos at an impressive rate of 14 pages per minute. And, it is the maximum figure for the device. The speed is generated through the help of a powerful processor, which can render clock speed up to 266 MHz. Along with, sufficient storage capacity of 2 MB (RAM) makes the device more capable and worthy.

Media handling department of HP LaserJet P1005 is worth mentioning. It can take various types of media sizes and different types of paper as well. Envelopes, Transparencies, Labels, Cards, Photo paper, Plain paper, etc. are some of the functional media types for the printer. Sizes such as 3.5 in x 5in, 5 in x 7 in, 8 in x 10 in, 8.5 in x 11 in, A4, A5, and Envelopes are the compatible ones. Input tray and output tray play a crucial role in handling the various media types. With the assistance of input tray, the printer can handle up to 150 sheets and the output tray can accommodate up to 100 sheets.

HP LaserJet P1005 is able to churn out large volume of prints per month. It comes with the monthly volume capacity of 5,000 pages and that too of superb quality. The high value of monthly capacity is the result of the highly efficient HP toner cartridges. The printer is driven by the high quality HP P1005 toner cartridges.

The printer is workable with different types of operating systems, which is quite an important factor. For Microsoft Windows users, XP Professional x64 Edition, XP Professional, XP Home Edition, Server 2003, Server 2000, Vista, and 7 are the supportable operating systems. Along with, Mac OS x versions 10.2.8, 10.3, and 10.4 are the supportable operating systems. Connections to a PC can be established using the high speed USB2.0 port provided with the printer.

For the proper working of HP LaserJet P1005, a constant supply of AC 230 volts has to be provided. The power consumption is around 315 watts in the operational mode, and up to 3 watts in the Sleep or Standby mode. The minimum ad maximum operating temperature is 50 •°F and 90.5 •°F respectively.

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