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Can Printer Ink Cartridges Be Cheap?

Printer ink cartridges can be extremely expensive to purchase. While the printers themselves are kept at a very low rate, the cartridges themselves can cost a considerable amount. The reason for this is because manufacturers understand that when you purchase a particular printer you are essentially entering into a contract with them. All printers take different cartridges and therefore you have to buy the type that corresponds with your particular model of printer.

There are a few ways you can find cheaper ink cartridges however. Be aware however that although you may save some pennies upfront, the overall cost may be the same or in some cases higher. First of all you can purchase refills for your existing cartridge. Sounds like a good idea at first, however filling the cartridge can be extremely difficult, and very messy too. Many people report that trying to refill the cartridge involves covering clothes, skin and the surrounding area in ink that doesn’t come out. It can also be the case that refill cartridges don’t offer the same high quality of printing than brand new cartridges can. Sometimes the yield is greatly reduced too. This means refill cartridges can end up actually costing more despite the initial cost being lower.

If you search online you may come across generic ink cartridges that claim to be as good as the branded ones. These are never as good as authentic ink cartridges. The quality of ink is usually poor they often run out extremely quickly too. These may seem too good to be true, and they are. They could even harm your printer as they are not the authentic cartridges designed to be used in it. The final alternative to purchasing a brand new ink cartridge is to choose to recycle your existing and empty cartridge. This involves sending it away to be refilled. This can work, however it can also leave you without ink for a long period of time. Because of the labour cost involved, it can also often work out as more costly than just buying a new cartridge.

When you choose to use ink in your printer that was not specifically designed for the model you have, there is always going to be a risk to your printer. By purchasing refills or even having your existing cartridge sent off to be refilled, you have no idea what ink is being used. You are left at the mercy of those filling your cartridge. It is quite feasible that cheap ink is used which is of low quality and low yield.

The best solution when it comes to printer ink cartridges is to purchase only new cartridges from the manufacturer of the printer, but buy them as cheaply as possible and reduce the amount of printing you actually do so they last longer. This can be done in a number of ways. Buying online is always the cheapest option when it comes to printer ink cartridges. There are always good deals to be had online and delivery comes straight to your door too. As for saving ink, it is imperative that you only print when absolutely necessary. This means not printing emails or from websites but instead recording information in a different way. If you print only in black then you will also save a good deal of money on your printing. Black ink is much cheaper than coloured ink so if you only need to replace the black cartridge regularly you will save money.

Although printer ink cartridges aren’t very cheap, there are ways you can keep the costs down. It is still always better to buy branded cartridges than choosing a refill or other cheaper option which could cost more in the long run. Whether it is printer ink cartridges Lexmark, Brother printer cartridges or a Canon printer ink cartridge you need, buy them online to save you money.

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