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3 New Developments in Cloud Computing

To cater the demand of the ever growing need of the customers and users, the vendors along with the technologist are keeping no stone unturned to bring new products services in the market. Linux is one such vendor which is considered the undeclared king of the public cloud. A Red Hat Certified Engineer or any Linux certified Engineer hired by the companies is trying their best to bring the best packages and technology for the users.

As the use of cloud and the software related to cloud is just unavoidable, every alternate day something or the other development is coming up

3 Recent Developments

To keep their hold on cloud computing, the enterprises are ready to invest millions. Few such developments in the field of cloud computing are jotted down to make you acquainted with the current cloud computing scenario.

1. IBM Invests Millions to Start Cloud Centre

IBM is one of the pioneer companies to promote Cloud services and has more than 4000 clients, one million virtual computers and 200 million cloud transactions on a daily basis. The numbers are enough to tell that how mammoth is the company in the field of IT. To add on, IBM has invested $ 8 million to start a new cloud centre in Barcelona, the first ever in Spain.

This new centre shows the commitment of IBM towards cloud technology and also the willingness of the company to provide cloud services all across the world. This investment is sure to give a boost to the global coverage, price and competitiveness.

2. Amazon Launches AWS Activate

Amazon Web Services, the public cloud provider, has come up with AWS Activate. This is a set of resources that assist the customers to get “onto the cloud”. It is the cloud computing services that allow you to go beyond the periphery of the traditional services of IT.

You pay and use the services and thus innovate. To give a helping hand to the new enterprises to access web services and thus build scalable applications, this new AWS Activate has been launched. This AWS Activate is made available to the clients in two packages: Self-Starter package for start up and a Portfolio package for start ups in entrepreneurial organisations, select accelerator, incubator and venture into capital seed funds.

3. Development of ThinClient

The clients and the employees have to move from one place to another for work and they also need to access the data and other related systems through various devices and at any hour of the day. To cater the need, hosted desktops and virtual machines based on cloud that do all the functions of your PC have come up and that too at a very low rate. Shifting to host desktop solution is sure to reduce the cost of the companies drastically.

Moreover, an easy and manageable end-point environment will help the Red Hat Certified Engineersworking as managers and senior managers to concentrate on the work rather than the machine that has to be deployed.

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