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Want to Build your Own Cloud? Here are the Guidelines

Cloud is the need of the hour as it enables ubiquitous, easy and on-demand access to a shared computingresource. It is an internet based computing,where users can store as well as process their data without having their own data center.

Thus, using cloud services is very economical as you do not need to have a setup for IT infrastructure for the purpose. So if you have your own cloud then there is nothing like that. You really do not have to depend on the cloud service providers like Google’cloud or Amazon’s EC2 and others.

The New Concept of UEC

To accomplish our task of using the cloud, you have to take the service provided by a third party, but the scenario has changed. With the Ububtu Enterprise cloud or UEC you can create your own exclusive cloud computing infrastructure. The new edition of Ubuntu Server has changed the entire concept of cloud.

It will help you to set up just your exclusive cloud and create the elastic computing environment for you. You can even run your applications with ease and moreover have the option to connect your cloud to the Amazon EC2. You can move out or migrate, whenever you need.

Guidelines to Create Your Cloud

The amazing thing about Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud is that it allows you to create the cloud computing infrastructure with nothing extra. If you have the commodity hardware that runs Ubuntu Server, you are ready to make a cloud of your own. This is nothing but a utilization of the Eucalyptus cloud computing architecture.

* A UEC infrastructure has a front-end computer, a “controller” and “node” systems (one or more).

* The nodes can use any virtualization technology among KVM or Xen to execute one or more than one system images.

* You cannot use the old OS image like the old Linux image and need to use specific prepared image for UEC.

* The hardware has to meet certain standards. Each node computer must be capable of performing hardware accelerated virtualization. The node controller and the nodes must not be used for any functionality. They should be dedicated systems.

* To have the best result, the UEC nodes need hardware -assisted virtualization.

* The computer to be used also needs certain memory: 512MB-2GB of memory: 40GB-200GB for the controller, 40-100GB of storage and 1-4GB of RAM (As suggested by Canonical).

* You need to have one machine that can communicate to the server to gain an access to Eucalyptus’s admin console over an HTTP. It is best to use the Ubuntu desktop client system, but can be any machine with an internet browser.

To set up a UEC isa little bit more indulging process, although almost the same line of procedure is applied as that of setting a cluster. Before indulging in so, it is always better to have a good knowledge of Linux, Ubuntu and definitely cloud computing. The best way to know the system is to enrol in Linux training.

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