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Top 5 Linux Certification Courses for 2015

Linux Certification is a professional IT certification which certifies your skills of working in a Linux environment by taking up various exams. The certification ensures that you are a professional administrator who knows to configure, maintain, install, application support, virtualization and many more.Linux certification is definitely an investment which in turn will make your career graph escalate.

Top Linux Certifications

There are many Linux Certifications which is a very interesting combination of distribution and vendor specific credentials. Few of such top Linux Certifications of 2015 which gives you the greatest scope in your career area are:

1. CompTIALinu+ Powered by LPI: It is one of the outstanding certification for entry level in IT industry. You need to clear two exams LXO-101 and LXO-102. Each has 60 questions and 90 minutes to complete.

2. LPI Certification:It is one of the leading providers of certification as it offers excellent coverage of Linux. It is available to you in three distinct levels:

* LPIC-1: Linux Server Professional is a junior level certification and there are no pre-requisites. EXAM 101 and 102 which deals command line, installing, configuration and so on needs to be cleared. The original LPIC-1(V3.5) is being replaced by LPIC-1(V4.0) from this year 2015.
* LPIC-2: Linux Network Professional is an advanced levelcertification and you need to clear LPIC-1. To get certified, take two exams 201 and 202 which covers topics like kernel, file system, network configuration, DNS to name a few for the first and for the second, web services, troubleshooting, system security, etc. are emphasized.
* LPIC-3: Linux Enterprise Professional Certification: A senior level Linux Certification and prerequisite is LPIC-2 and clear any one exam in the 300 series like Exam 300 for mixed environment, Exam 303 for Security and 304 for Virtualization and High Availability.

3. Novell/SUSE Linux Certification:If you are working in and around SUSE, this is the best certification.There are three certification programs under Novell:

* CLA (Linux Administrator): There is no prerequisite and you need to take up 050-720 SUSE Certified Linux Administrator II OR LPIC EXAMS 101 and 102.
* CLPCertified Linux Professional: You should have CLA to your credentials and then take up 050-0721 SUSE Certified Linux Administrator II Practicum
* CLE(Certified Linux Engineer): Need to be CLP and then take up050-723 SUSE Certified Engineer II Practicum to get CLE.

4. Red Hat Certfication: It is an excellent choice as Red Hat Linux is very popular in the world of business. There are many certifications like:

* RHCSA (Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator): No pre-requisite and need to take up EX200.
* RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer): Pre-requisite is RHCSA and then to earn the certification clear EX300.
* RHCA (Red Hat Certified Architect): Pre-requisite is RHCE and then clear at least five exams from EX201, 236, 248, 280, 318, 401, 413, 436 and 442.

5. Oracle OCA and OCP:It is the most appealing for those who work with the distribution. The two certifications are:

* OCA (Oracle Certified Associate:Pre-requisite is nothing and has to take up one exam 1Z0-100 Oracle Linux 5 AND 6 System Administrator.
* OCP (Oracle Certified Professional): Pre-Requisite is OCA and then takes up exam 1Z0-105.

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