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Benefits of Obtaining a Red Hat Certification

Red hat is considered as the forerunner among the provider of Linux distributions. It has a community powered way to offer you the most reliable technology from the cloud to the operating system. Red hat being acknowledged worldwide and is used by private, federal and state enterprise systems. Linux is getting popularity among the IT people and so there is a great demand for professionals who really have the ability to work in a Linux environment. Red Hat being the distributor of Linux takes up the responsibility of providing professional to handle the operating system.

Red Hat Certifications

To give the good people in the IT industry, Red Hat has a line of certifications which are focused towards the job of System, development, application, architecture and engineering administration. It also focuses on cloud along with virtualization administration. Red Hat certification ensures your employer that you are comfortable working with Red Hat and Linux System. There are various Red Hat Certifications which are based on hands-on lab exams. Once you clear those tests, you are definitely considered as a holder of best certification and that will in turn give you confidence. Red Hat Certification helps you to take a step ahead in your career. Few of the certifications are:

* RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator): The basic certification that requires no prior qualification to take up the EX200. It focuses on basic administration skills. Most importantly, this Certification is the pre-requisite for any other Red Hat Certification.
* RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer): An advanced Certification that turns you into a Linux Professional by cracking EX300.
* RHCA (Red HAT Certified Architect): Highest level certification as it is considered to be the complete certificate and you have to pass EX333, EX401, EX 423, EX318, EX436 and EX442.

Certifications related to security skills (RHCSS), virtualization (RHCVA) and data center specialists (RHCDS) are also offered BY Red Hat.

Advantages of Red Hat Certifications

Your Red Hat certification will ensure to your employer that you have a hold on Red Hat System administration and also have the following skills:

* Capable of handling files, command lines, directories.
* Operating the system through booting and other controlling services.
* Configuration of local storage.
* Deploy and maintain systems which include software installation and core services.
* Manage the security which includes SELinux and basic firewall.

The above mentioned are the few skills of a Red Hat certified holder. As the certification demands hands-on practical exams, it tests your capability to handle the real world tasks using the Red Hat technologies. The exams do not rely on your theoretical knowledge, thus guarantees your employer that you actually can handle Red Hat Linux.

The employers are always in search of sound IT staff for the success of their business. Without one, the organization can never get the benefits of the Linux environment. To sum up, you as a holder of the certificate are registered to the Red Hat and that can be easily verified.

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