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Programming languages each Digital Marketer must know

Programming languages is at the core of mobile application and e-commerce development. Gone are the days when programming languages were only meant for developers. Nowadays it is desirable to have some programming language skills for the designers and digital marketers too. Having programming language skills can take the career prospects of the digital marketers to the next level. The programming languages mentioned in this article are the most used programming languages by the digital marketers.


Java remains at the top position as it is among the popular programming languages owing to the wide variety of features it provides users with. If a Java virtual machine is installed, then Java code has to be compiled only once within the machine. The compatibility with almost all the operating systems and hardware again makes it distinct from other competitors in the similar segment. Java is highly efficient as a programming language for mobile applications, desktop and enterprise applications. These programming languages can help digital marketers advance their career quickly than they expect.


PHP is another programming language that is easier to learn for digital marketers. It is an important server-side language that is widely used during HTML code implementation and is reputed for its open-source characteristics. It provides an ideal platform for content management systems as well as web development. To further develop and customize the websites, there are several other PHP based platforms such as WordPress and Joomla etc.


SQL is all about establishing interaction with the underlying database of an application. It is of utmost importance during circumstances where in a particular data or a complex directory of data has to be detected.


For online marketers looking forward to create attractive interfaces that are interactive along with providing proper communication within the websites, then JavaScript is the right choice. The application speed can be improved as JavaScript is a client-side programming language that reduces the tasks of the Server. The relevance of JavaScript as a web development programming language makes it a must to learn programming language for digital marketers.


Even though ‘C’ is one of the oldest programming languages, it is still widely used among the technology companies. It is popular as it is the foundation for digital marketers if they have to learn other programming languages. It is also easier to learn. It is most suitable for online marketers who are beginners in the field of programming languages.


The presence of a simple and straightforward structure makes it a perfect choice for starting a project. This open source language is widely used for web application development and is also an easier to learn programming language. Most of the start-up companies usually choose Ruby as their preferred programming language for web development.


Python is among the must-learn programming languages for digital marketers as it is considered to be a comprehensive programming language that has proved its programming skills in mobile applications, analysis of data, web applications and user-interface development etc. Furthermore, frameworks are also available for each of the functions. Python is high on demand especially in large companies wherein there is a greater need to evaluate large sets of data. A structure that is readable along with a readable syntax makes it a simpler programming language to learn for digital marketers.

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