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Why can’t access my Yahoo calendar

The Yahoo mailing services are not only offered to end users for their day email transaction and chatting but also they are used for organizing professional meetings, seminars and many more. The calendar feature in the Yahoo mail serves this purpose. The various options available in the calendar control offered by Yahoo includes:-

a) Customers can book their own calendar against as well the calendar of anyone else who is on the same network (in case of a business account)

b) Customers can check the availability of theirs as well as the recipients of the meeting on when they are free and accordingly schedule or organize a meeting

c) Customers can also plan their month ahead which would then act as a reminder on which task to do on which day. The system sends an intimation mail before the time scheduled for the task

When a sender sends a calendar request to a recipient for any meeting or any other stuff, it is actually a permission to edit the recipient’s calendar control. If the recipient of the mail accepts the calendar request, the same is immediately updated in the recipient’s mail box, and they get a mail or reminder just before the schedule of the meeting. Likewise, other functionalities of Yahoo, this too requires the same set of pre-conditions to get executed:-

a) The calendar control must be installed and configured in the Yahoo account to be used by the customer

b) There should be no mismatch of protocols, settings or configuration of the platform on which the user accesses their email application and that of the Yahoo server

c) There should be sufficient Internet speed and band width to set up a calendar request

d) Setting up of a calendar request also involves sending of mails as auto-emails are sent on booking and successful acceptance of the meeting request.

Therefore, whenever customer faces problems on all these fronts, he can any time reach out to the Yahoo Technical Support team which consists of technically proven individuals who knows the nitty-gritty of the Yahoo systems, and are able to prescribe reliable and easy to implement solutions to all account related problems. At times, when the core of the issue is difficult to decipher, customers can also request a technical executive to take a remote connection to their account and have a firsthand look at the issue. This helps in quick resolution of the error. Apart from that, the Yahoo Technical Support team can be reached out via call, email, chat as well as via social media.

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