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Electronic Medical Billing Software –The Advancement of EMR Healthcare Billing

Medical billing is the procedure in which a medical practice processes insurance claims and receives payment for the services provided to the patients. With the progression of technology over the past 20 years, the process has gradually changed over from the paper system to digital format called electronic medical billing. There are many benefits to utilizing newer technology.

Practices have discovered that using of software, decreased other costs of the office. The amount of employee staff that was needed in themedical facilities was greatly reduced. As all patients’ information is entered into the computer, it can easily and instantly be accessed by thoseauthorized to do so. The medical coding software allows for medical documentation to be created in less time and more accurately than ever before. There are two types of electronic medical billing software; client server and application service provider. While client server is entirely located in the hospital computer, the server is located in the vendor’s computer in application service provider.

Both have their own pros and cons. Depending on the patient inflow, cost of the software and other requirements, hospitals can go for either one. Whether a hospital uses client server or application service provider, the software is sure to improve the efficiency of medical billing.Previously, documentation was done manually and consumed huge amounts of manpower and expenses. Document legibility on handwritten paper medical records will no longer be an issue. EMRs also reduce the amount of time and transportation costs required to send patient files to other medical facilities. Patients traveling across the country to consult multiple medical professionals can now access their records with little to no delay. Common errors will bog down the system and causehigh rejection ratesof the claims. In a recent study, it was estimated that 14% of hospitalizations and 20% of medical tests were repeated because the medical records of patients were not available. Medical practices that have implemented an electronic medical records system have noticed a decline in errors and increase in productivity. With everything said, new EMR software has dramatically increased the efficiency of the billing process, saving companies money. Good medical billing software is essential for the financial stability of the healthcare facility’s everyday practice.

When choosing a partner for your medical software, be sure to consider support, finances and experience. It’s important to find medical solutions provider that will delivers timely support implementation guidance, training, custom services, including hosting your applications.

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