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GE Electronic Medical Record Systems and Software for Healthcare Billing

Since 2010, EHR technology is becoming the industry standard and more medical practices are considering the efficient systems. However, with numerous EMR companies and vendors in the market, choosing the right software can often be a confusing and time consuming decision. In order to reduce the stress of the buying process, the best thing to do is become informed. With knowledge, the decision will not seem as intimidating and will allow for a better purchase. If the EMR buyer knows what they need, it can help them filter through all the EMR systems in the market. Here are several functions of EMR system that should be taken into consideration.

1. Ease of implementation and System Configurations

When buying EMR software from a vendor, make sure they design a smooth plan, for a gradual system implementation. It takes time to transition from paper-based records to an EMR, and cannot be done overnight. The EMR vendor should be aware of the general work flow of the medical practice. This will allow him to confirm what the EMR system covers and what it does not. While a customized system allows for more options, they can often be expensive and problematic. To ensure things proceed according to plan, have the vendor present as much information about the implementation as possible; general time lines, goals, etc.

2. Intuitive User Interface, Sufficient Training, and Speed

For the most part, the EMR software should feel as though a user can understand it after a brief explanation by the vendor and followed by some practice. Since each user interacts differently with the system, there may be a learning curve involved. For those who find the user interface complicated, there will be a slower and a possibility to become frustrated. All EMR companies should include sufficient training and break-in period in the original cost of the system. If the user interface seems poorly designed and takes the user longer than the old paper method, think about getting a different EMR system. Whether, using a web or server-based system, documents and information should be accessed effortlessly and quickly.

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