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How important it is for the Admin to know the value of clicks and code?

Instead of the earlier perception that the admin has to know coding for being a good admin, the fact remains that they just have to know the code value as well as where the code has to be and has not be included. We are at the midst of times wherein competitions are taking place among admins to achieve goals without writing the codes.

Let us get in to details of the advantages and drawbacks of clicks and code including what they are beneficial for and what they are not good at.

The clicks are an important aspect which admins are busy with all the day long. They are also aware of how powerful the clicks can be and what it takes to represent the power of clicks. But still there are sceptics who distinguish the power of clicks saying clicks can’t do what codes can do and it is better to get the knowledge from developers, where as there are those who argue clicks to be worthless completely and there is no need to use it.

However it is not right. Admins have an important responsibility as the first point of contact for businesses during instances wherein they want to make a change or implement a new functionality. It is not desirable to pass on such responsibilities to the developers considering the lack of knowledge as an excuse. It is inevitable for admins to understand the rewards of code and the ways in which it can be used. It is true that codes comparatively takes a longer time period to develop, test, deploy as well as maintain compared to clicks. Even though codes plays a vital role in constructing complex and flexible process, there is a still a great responsibility with codes especially while creating a runaway process that might have unexpected consequences.

Admins need not think that they have to just compromise on their admin superpowers by just appreciating the efficiency and usefulness of codes. It is desirable to make it a mutually beneficial situation for both admins as well as developers by means of concentrating on things that matters to them. Tools such as Lightning Process Builder are improved admin tools that help admins to utilize the power of code at the same time keeping in check the business process alignment.

Some of the key advantages of admin tools such as Lightning Process Builder include,
* The ability to create records
* Updating of the additional records
* Helps the admin to remove the codes written by the developers during instances wherein complex piece of automation is required. The codes can be removed by setting up conditions and thereby proving to be of immense help both for the admins as well as the developers.

To conclude with, it is very essential for admins to have atleast a basic knowledge regarding the value of code to a certain extent. Even though with each release by Salesforce in which new point and click functionality are introduced so as to reduce the need for code, changes are happening constantly wherein admins will see a new type of quick action as well as new Process Builder abilities being introduced with respect to time. The new use cases would require the code and hence it is essential for admins to know the value of code.

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