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How to Use Twitter for Marketing Your Business

Twitter is a popular microblogging platform where users share short status updates including links to webpages, photos and articles. Twitter is a great way for smaller businesses to build a following, announce news or promotions and respond to customer questions, or even complaints. Being
succinct in your tweeting is absolutely essential on this platform. Say what you need to say in as few words and characters as possible.
Twitter is all about conversation and making connections with others. Thus effective tweeting begins with tweets that are interesting, informative or useful. Don’t waste character space with unnecessary words or phrases, and don’t bother sending out generic “Good morning!” tweets. Instead, focus on interesting observations, links to webpages, blog posts and articles (with a brief description beforehand) and responding to others with useful insight.

Tweet – A 140-character message sent out by a Twitter user. All tweets are limited to 140 characters – including hashtags, links and mentions.
Hashtag (#) – A hashtag is a subject or topic mentioned in a tweet and indicated by a # mark. For instance, for Disney-related tweets, the hashtag might be #Disney and appear in or at the end of a tweet.
Follow – When you follow someone, their status updates appear in your Twitter stream. Likewise when folks follow you, your updates appear in their Twitter stream.

How Often Should You Post?
Like any social media outlet, it’s important to be a regular Twitter user. You build relationships with your followers and those whom you follow by being seen and heard on a regular basis. That said, you don’t necessarily have to tweet every day. Several times a week (and several times on those days) is fine.

What Should You Post?
Depending on your business, you may choose to post about daily specials, spread the word about events in your town or share links that discuss topics relating to your business or your customers’ needs. Remember that you are trying to reach customers, so you want to keep it friendly and interesting to them. For example, if your business is selling Php Matrimonial Script for matrimonial websites, your post should belongs to your matrimonial product and interesting for your customers and followers.

Focus on value, conversation and ease of use. If you are trying to point out a really cool blog post mentioning your business, link directly to it – don’t send them to it in a roundabout way. The more clicks it takes to get somewhere, the less likely the follower will actually see it.

Write tweets that get people’s attention – in a good way. Tweets with too many hashtags or only links look like spam and lead to “unfollows, ” lack of engagement and being ignored. Building your audience is a two-fold task. First, you need to follow others – this populates your Twitter stream with tweets. Be sure to follow individuals in your field and other businesses in your physical and professional community. Each of these will have shared interests with you.

By following others, you will see others begin to follow you back. This is a good starting point for building your audience. However, if you want to be a Twitter success your reach has to extend beyond that group.

Using Hashtags:
1. Hashtags should pertain to the topic of your tweet.
2. Don’t overuse hashtags – it looks spammy.
3. Limit your hashtags to 2-3 per tweet.
4. Using hashtags can help you connect your business to others with similar interests.
5. Anyone can create a hashtag at any time.
6. Hashtags are searchable on Twitter, helping people find interesting tweets and users.
7. Clicking on a hashtag brings up all the recent tweets that used that hashtag.
8. Hashtags can be used to tie together posts in a Twitter party or chat.
9. Hijacking a hashtag with an unrelated tweet is bad form.

Many industries and companies hold Twitter chats, which are regular discussions linked with a hashtag and held on certain dates and times (for instance, Monday from 7-8 p. m. ). This is another good way to reach more people. Participate, share your knowledge and learn from others. There are literally chats for every interest. The best way to learn more about chats is to try attending one. One of interest to you could be the weekly Small Business Chat. The details: #Smallbizchat – Wednesdays, 8-9 pm, EST – The discussion focuses on small businesses and lets owners come together and ask questions.

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