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Unleash the Daring Driver in you Playing Online Truck Games!

If you’re not the… fancy classy and so very cozy cars’ type fan, but rather drawn to the… powerful, heavy, hard to “tame” type of vehicles instead, then you must be a… trucks fan, am I right? Whether you’re a real-life trucker or not quite, but you’re fantasizing about all kinds of extreme, adrenaline-rising truck races, spiced up with tricky tracks to roll along, with unexpected obstacles to face and centred around the… massive, hard to control trucks to master drive, then online truck games must surely be the right type of online games for you!

Scanning through the unbelievably wide truck games collection online, I could not help not dividing them into 3 major categories, each one meant to reward players with differently “wrapped” doses of pure adrenaline. I have done my best to come up with suggestive, highly descriptive names for these three main categories, please forgive me if they’ve turned out to be kind of tiresomely long.

The side-view truck games featuring a highly challenging track to drive along These are some of the most wide-spread ones. Once at the wheel of your truck, in most cases an eye-catchingly designed monster truck, you have to get it from point A to point B, driving it along a super bumpy (off road or not necessarily) track, “seasoned” with logs to run over, discouraging precipices, high ramps to jump from (where, in some case, you get to earn extra points if you perform all kinds of extreme flip overs upin the air) and even other… vehicles that you have to drive over and crash under your truck’s heavy wheels. Yes, the “destruction” factor sure is the upgrade that players enjoy the most, for they’re allowed, encouraged to be merciless, once at the wheel of their super trucks, and run over anything they meet on their way to the finish line.

The side-view truck games where you need to transport a certain load from point A to point BThese ones sure are meant to make the difference between the mere massive vehicles fans and the… skilful drivers which are… massive vehicles fan, too! You’re not just driving your heavy truck, you’re master driving it, for if you’re not cautious enough and you let yourself controlled by the rush of adrenaline, by the intense speed that you can reach, you lose the valuable load you need to deliver to the its destination and… the chance to complete all the game’s levels. You need to steady drive your truck, to be bold enough for passing over all those tricky obstacles scattered along the totally unfriendly track, but you need a drop of two of cautiousness when jumping from one high platform on another or when rolling over a tricky bump in the terrain, so that the lending should be as smooth as possible, lest you should lose some of your load.

The top-view truck racing games Does it sound familiar to you? They’re those type of truck driving games where you’re chasing other cars on a highway or you’re actually trying to escape certain enemies which might try to bump into you on the highway or attack you from up in the air. One of the great features of these games is that if you manage to take off the target number of enemies or to collect the target number of bonuses off the track, you’re allowed to upgrade your heavy truck. Also, the circuits themselves can change from one level to the next, you could be racing in the urban jungle in one level, then find yourself engaged in an adrenaline race in the dessert and then land… on the moon itself, master driving your powerful truck on a totally alien and unfriendly terrain.

Which is your favourite type of online truck games? What do you say now, do you have a few priceless moments of spare time to jump behind the wheel of one of these heavy vehicles and unleash the mad trucker in you?

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